Sunday, May 07, 2006

Retro cool

One of the earliest things that brought myself close to the people I met at university were shared memories of childrens programs. This is not a unique phenomonomomon (I got carried away), to the point that you can buy a lot of these series on DVD- I own Bucky O Hare, in fact, a series about a rabbit leading a crew that fight the evil toads. In space. Does television get any better than this? Of course the best of all these was Knightmare, a wonderful show involving virtual reality and dungeons, as 3 kids led another through a virtually generated dungeon. As they aged from 8-11ish, there were some hilarious moments where they got left and right confused, leading in death (of the virtual kind) for the contestant. Sadly this does not exist in DVD format, a missed opportunity to be sure, possibly because the people who own the licence are short sighted. It is repeated on Challenge TV- but who watches challenge TV?

I have no real point to this, only to say that anyone who acquires for me all of Knightmare on video./dvd will have my undying gratitude.


At 12:22 am, Blogger Kirbie said...

Don't forget Stoppit and Tidyup, as well as Trapdoor!

At 9:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly you must have seen this, if not enjoy.


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