Thursday, May 18, 2006


I've recently taking to walking at about 4 every day, as a way to get out of this house which I am mostly trapped in revising, and just to become a little fitter, being a rather sedentary character. It seems the weather has taken note of this decision, raining at about 4 every day, an unfortunate coincidence. I have mostly managed to just about avoid rain most days as I wonder around Bath, in a desperate attempt to discover more walks. Somehow, despite my best efforts, I seem to end up going in exactly the same direction each time.

It's kind of interesting, to explore bits of the city that I have not before (so far discoveries include... a riverside walk and a nice view from one bit...), although less so than one could suppose. There are only so many suburbs one can see really...

As one would expect, the main company I find on these walks are dog walkers, the most bizzare example being one man who was cycling his dog. In that he was on a bike and the dog was walking. Now admittedly this is not a bad idea in theory, but his dog kept stopping to sniff things, forcing him to stop, and in some cases to turn back and get it to move. This led to one of those awkward social situations where we kept over taking each other, and had to make some kind of comment each time, eventually settling into embarrased smiles before we finally parted ways.

I'm not a huge fan of socially awkward moments- I suppose not many people are. I imagine those that are generally walk into the middle of people and say things like "my wife died recently." And here I stress that their wife has NOT died. Becuase if she has they're probably not gunning for socially awkward situations, they're probably just quite depressed. Or pleased, if they had some kind of set up where they would get a lot of money out of it.

Anyway.... revision continues apace. First exam on the 23rd of may. But I'm pretty sure i've already said that.


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