Sunday, May 21, 2006

Avoiding revision

I've actually been fairly good with not avoiding revision this time around, although I suspect I would not have played word sandwich quite so many times, or indeed word wiz, where I display my distinct lack of mastery of the english language. I understand a lot of words, but I'm not sure I can necessarily bring them to bear on command. Which makes me wonder how exactly one measures average vocabulary. I have heard random large figures been given, which can surely only be an estimate, as there is no way I can think of to get a reliable census of the words someone knows. I guess you could read out a whole bunch of words and ask them to define them, but other than that taking absolutely ages it's probably not the best judge. Ask the average person to define the word "the" ad they'll have a bit of a problem. I don't even know what type of word it is, to be honest, but I certainly know what it does.

This reminds me of times when Ive been heard statistics about illiteracy levels, which gives me amusing images of sending out a letter saying "Can you read this? If so- respond!", and seeing how many they get back. It leaves me suspicious, the idea that some large number (I think it was something like 10%) are illiterate when they reach secondary school (11). In a country with compulsary free education this seems highly improbable. Unfortunately the article with that statistic is long gone, and I'm feeling too lazy to google it.

Anyways. First exam tuesday. One day of revision left.


At 8:20 pm, Anonymous hilarious catastrophes said...

Well's a turn up for the books. I'm commenting purely because i am bored, in the library with no work left to do. That's right, i have made peace with the education system and left it with a fond farewell...but i still use the library, in which are kept books...which leads me to my actual comment concerning literacy.... indeed...
It shocked me to be told in my first year of Uni when in training to teach primary children how to read, that there really is quite a large number of British people who cannot read or write, 25% somewhere (but i can't remember where), or at least they approach such a task with difficulty... the Physical education degree at my Uni yields some of these characters... uhem! In fact the vast majority of these people are to be found in the North of's no joke... and Yorkshire, a massive county by no means worst in education overall, has specifically been targetted with strategies aimed at improving the overall reading ability of children aged 4 - 11. I've been part of that. Woo! Go me! Sorry guys. I think I'm missing essay writing... I'll go now... It's bloody interesting though. I think i should go eat something. I'm feeling woosey!
more anon dear folk ;)


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