Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the sad truth of Iraq

It's impressive how long leaders of today can last when they make such collosal mistakes as Iraq. It's even more impressive that even now some people will claim that going into Iraq was the right choice. But we're all intelligent people here, I think it's pretty obvious that Iraq is a disaster. Maybe it's been distorted by the daily reports of attacks and deaths, the lack of water and electricity, and there is progress. If so, it is incredibly slow, and also remarkably stealthy.

Everyone is looking for a solution to Iraq- a way to solve everything before it gets too bad. Well I suspect it's too late. The mistake has already been made, and whatever we do, we are not going to end with a good situation- perhaps with Iraq even fragmenting into seperate countries. We failed to learn from countless historical lessons that when we meddle in a country's destiny, we leave it in shreds. I have no doubt that the world is a more dangerous one than it was before Iraq, that we have only helped terrorists. I can't see a happy ending solution to Iraq- even if a proper democratic system was to be imposed, there would still be the wide spread fighting there is right now.

[on a related note, I'd like to point out that Bush's policy of respecting democracy has been given the lie by their refusal to support Hamas. We support democracy... but only when it gives results we like?]

So what's the best thing we can do right now? I don't know- I don't know if removing our troops would lead to an even worse situation, or it would take a lot of force out of the insurgency. I honestly haven't a clue. I do know we need an honest and informed debate on it, and we need one soon.


At 6:05 am, Blogger cait said...

see, this is why *we* never went into Iraq (Caitlin does a little smug dance)


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