Friday, February 17, 2006

Action packed excitement

It's all been happening lately. If, by all, you mean lots of lectures, in the same ol'grind as always, then yes it has. I did get to point out that my girlfriend's election slogan sounded like a white supremacists'. Which isn't something you get to do every day. Unless, of course, your girlfriend is a member of the BNP, in which case it's probably redundant to point it out. Also, are there female members of the BNP?

It'd be nice to think that there has existed a national party which has standed for nice things, like cupcakes and sharing (I'd be deeply tempted to vote for any candidate who's manifesto just said that), from National socialism, to the national front, it's hardly the sign of rational politics. On irrational politics, I am beginning to get suspicious of the Socialist worker. It never seems to get much circulation- I can't imagine they sell all that much (but then I have only ever lived in middle class towns full of conservatives, so that might be why)- yet every single march I've ever been to there have been hundreds of placards made by socialist worker. Where do they get the money from? Something fishy going on there.

Incidentally, if anyone cares to give me examples of national parties which are nice, then I am fully prepared to go "la la la I'm not listening!"


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