Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shout out to

To my lovely ladyfriend Alice, 6 months yesterday y'all. Represent. So yeah, I am reasonably happy as I can be when she is in York and I am exhausted from a failure to go to bed at a reasonable time (well, for a 7:30 get up anyways). I know people from the world of work will chuckle at my failure to deal with that kind of time, but I'm a student- I'm not meant too. Unfortunately most of the impressions I got from university were from non-science students, who have about one lecture a year, and basically spend their entire time at university having an absolutely fantastic time and probably doing a lot of illegal drugs.

Not that I don't know any illegal drug takers amoungst the student body at Bath, but those who are very efficient time users, or really smart. Or, you know, just failures.


At 11:07 pm, Blogger The Venomous Bee said...

Happy Anniversary!


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