Saturday, January 21, 2006


I have never wet shaved in my life. I have always used an electic shaver, which does a perfectly good job. Although, I have to wonder, why is technology in shavers so slow? For a long time I only had a two bladey thingy shaver, until a few years back, they released a three bladey thing. Now how long exactly did it take them to think of that one? It seems fairly obvious to me, and surely not too hard to come up with. After all there really is not that much room for innovation in the shaving industry- you can tell they are getting pretty desperate, with the new shaver being an electric one which also has a little pouch of nivea skin cream you can use to help you shave. Ooh, how exciting! I'm sure that'll have people shopping in their droves. Still, ultimately you are getting a new line of customers every year as children move from the magical realm of childhood into the hell that is puberty.

I kind of like the idea of incompetent design- we were all created, but by someone who did not know what he was doing so made puberty a ridiculous time. It is a real shame that the time one wants to impress girls is exacttly the same time one is coated in pimples and has a squeaky voice. Chuck in puppy fat in there, and you've got a rejection bound teen in production. Good stuf.


At 12:09 am, Anonymous Amanda said...

Some girls think pimples are cute ;-)

Ah, those were the days....

At 12:53 am, Blogger Kirbie said...

I haven't used an electric razor for years, not since the good old gillete contour plus! Hmmm sounds so sexy.
Anyway the innovation in wet razors has got to be even worse. All they do is come up with a new razor that has an extra blade - 2 heads are better than one therefore 4 blades makes an even better razor! I don't really understand why having 3 blades on a Mack 3 makes it better than a 2 bladed razor. I can't really tell the difference between a Mack 3 and a Quattro apart from in the price of the damn blades!

At 9:18 pm, Blogger cait said...

I don't think it's "incompetent design" so much as it is "taking nefarious joy design."


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