Monday, January 16, 2006

Nothing but exams

Two exams in one day, it's like having two chocolate bars. In that..... Ok I didn't think that one through.

Anyways, I was thinking about die another day's invisible car. Of all the things to make invisible, a car is a pretty pointless one. To get from anywhere to anywhere in a car you have to travel by road, and if you try that while invisible you WILL die. I suppose you could go cross country, but the car in the film wasn't even 4 wheel drive... The only point of invisibility would be staking out houses. Which sounds like a lot of money for something that will undoubtedly get destroyed. Seriously, why does Bond keep getting his car back? He inevitably destroys the damn thing. Also, in one questionable scene in Goldeneye, he murders police men by crushing them with tanks. The man should be imprisoned....

While obviously you cannot take these kind of films very seriously, there seems to be a truism that in an action film, generally they tend to kill more people than they are saving- see Speed, Con Air, the Rock, and so many more. There's a very bizzare moral code to them, essentially that characters lives who you see are more important than those off screen- in the cars that get crushed or exploded. This is probably human nature, but it is a rather worrying aspect.

Speed was such a ludicrous film. I know everyone has pointed this out, but seriously... the bridge jump? Could they not at least have had a RAMP? Nope, we are meant to except that a bus would not fall... at all while in the air. Interesting. Amusingly, if you watch the shot, it jumps disconcertingly so, while for a moment the bus's back lag, it then shoots back up again. I don't know why the director expected people to accept that bit.

Oh well, it's probably asking too much to have a sensible action movie, although I would call Die Hard a reasonably sensible film actually.


At 12:18 am, Blogger Kirbie said...

Hey he has a license to kill..
..the innocent that is! Bwahahahaa!

Adam Hart davis once made an invisible car in one of his sciency programs - it was great, but not really that effective.

At 6:24 pm, Blogger jo_jo said...

I can skip right over believability if it's a good yarn. A storytellers' cliche: each person hears the story they want to hear.

Good luck w/exams


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