Friday, January 13, 2006

more revision.


Revision is getting me down, I have to admit. My lecturer for one course seems to take pleasure in putting inexplicable answers to the exam papers up, which makes my job rather hard. Added to the fact that he also takes delight in asking questions that you would need to be... well smarter than me anyhow... to come up with an answer to in the exam.... It can be a little frustrating.

Still, only two weeks left. Exactly now, as my final exam is in two fridays time. Which will be fun. It's not as if it's the harshest schedule in the world- 4/5 hours or so a day revising, but it does include weekends, and it is also rather wearing, and very difficult to concentrate on. Would I prefer to be doing 9 to 5 at this point? Probably not, but to be honest it's getting to the point that I am beginning to like the idea. At least you get the weekend off.

As a result my life has failed to be full of frolics and adventure, disappointingly, but no doubt after this exam period I will go back to my normal existence of baiting alligators and fighting dark lords hell bent on destroying the earth.

There does seem to be a surprising amount of evil genii who want to destroy the earth. Often their reasons for this are rather weak, from those who will be all powerful (over what?) to those who are angry at the world. Taking over the world, I get. Destroying the world? It's just no fun.


At 7:24 pm, Blogger Complex said...

Geniuses K, that's the plural.

I for one look forward to baiting dark lords and fighting alligators hell bent on destroying the earth after exams.

That or becoming a Dark Lord, I'm not sure what I would do, but wouldn't that be cool. We could fight! You could be my nemesis!

At 9:06 pm, Blogger Mr K said...

I know, but I like saying genii

At 10:48 pm, Anonymous Amanda said...

I'm sure you'll get a first Kieran.


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