Thursday, January 12, 2006


Is a funny thing, as I have now failed to buy noodles while at the shops twice at a row, despite my main purpose this time being that.... Never mind.

Noodle is one of those intrinsicly funny words. You cannot use the word noodle in a speech and have it be a serious one. For example, if you were speaking at a funeral, and mentioned that your lover used to eat noodles, then burst into tears, it's entirely possible that those gathered might well smile. Well, maybe not, but I certianly would. On the inside anyway. I have been known to laugh inappropriately in the past, although certainly not at funerals. Give me time though. It's actually worrying, the thought that the only way I will be able to avoid attending many many funerals during my life is by being directly involved in one myself. Or cutting myself off entirely from friends and family I suppose, an option I have yet to explore.

I have never used the spell checking feature in blogger. Or, indeed, copy and pasted into word and done it there. I'm not sure why. I guess it's because I'm lazy, but also partially because I like my writing to be natural and not corrected. I do this on msn- I will interrupt myself mid typing to go on another tangent. This is just my own little eccentricity, I'm not sure if anyone else tries to make it sound like theyre talking on msn. Do you?

I also rarely, if ever, text speak in texts. I do not punctuate other than with full stops, but I rarely ever abbreviate. If I need to lose space from a text I go through deleting spaces after full stops, or, in some cases, rewriting a sentence. Anyone else do that?


At 7:06 am, Blogger The Venomous Bee said...

I think that "Noodle" is something that someone would say at a funeral to laugh wistfully, and remember fondly how said person used to love noodles. Ergo ... it's not inappropriate to refer to noodles during a eulogy, but likely it's impossible to say noodle seriously.

Most people (or at least those who want to pretend that the topic is a legitimate thing to be discussing at length) use the term "pasta" when they're trying to discuss noodles like adults.

Oh, that sounded so pompous. Please forgive it.


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