Friday, December 30, 2005

A tale of two friends-part 1

(these events are not based on a true story. But they could be. In fact, let's say they are)

Bob:Hey Mike
Bob thinks:Oh look, theres Mike!
Mike:Hey Bob! Hey, I've got your christmas present
Mike thinks: Bob! I will give him my present
Bob:Oh.... thanks
Bob thinks:Crap, I didn't get him a present. Crap Crap crap.
Mike:That's alright. Go ahead and open it.
Mike thinks:He's gonna love this present.
Bob:Oh, a DVD! Thanks. Now I feel really bad.... I didn't get you anything
Bob thinks: What a great present. Crap.
Mike:Oh that's alright, it's no big deal.
Mike thinks: That bastard didn't get me a present! I paid £20 for that!
Bob:Are... you sure?
Bob thinks: Ah, he does not seem to mind too much.
Mike:Yeah, it's fine. I have to be off anyway...
Mike thinks:That bastard didn't get me a present!
Bob:Oh, ok. See you later!
Bob thinks:How nice.
Mike thinks:That bastard didn't get me a present


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