Saturday, December 17, 2005

board games

So, board games. What I like about board games are how many there are of them. Some of you may have heard of Westminster. Some of you may have even played it. For those of you who have done neither, Westminster is a game where the aim is to take control of the British parliament. Through fair means. Not foul. You start off by bidding for every single seat in England (well... maybe only 50 or so). This takes an hour or so. I actually don't know what happens next because we'd all got bored at this point, especially as one of us had managed to get knocked out in what was meant to be the preliminary stages of the game. A lot of unpopular games have this flaw, ludicrous length- Scotland Yard, a game in which you have to catch the mysterious Mr X proved to be practically impossible to finish, and a game I once played about air traffic control... well to be honest I think we stopped that one pretty quickly.

We played a board game about zombies today, which, while enjoyable, did stretch on, in the kind of soul destroying way those kind of things can. The initial joy of killing zombies was soon overwhelmed by the less joyful event of continually killing zombies. Forever, if you will. Still, I have played worse games. They are listed above. It was actually fun, while Westminster... hmm, westminster.

Why is shooting fish in a barrel a catchphrase? I mean, i'll agree that that's easy, but so is getting dressed, or, for that matter, hitting a barn door. Sayings are pretty random of course, and it's entirely possible to find sayings that contradict each other. Unfortunately they do not cancel out on contact, so we must forever be cursed with pithy bits of wisdom.


At 6:29 pm, Blogger jo_jo said...

Have you tried Carcassonne? Lots of fun, not too long, and pleasingly creative rather than destructive. Give it a whirl.

At 2:20 am, Blogger Mr K said...

No I'm afraid not- never seen it for sale for that matter. A brief googling of it does look rather intriguing though...


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