Wednesday, December 14, 2005


It begins, it begins. You may notice on the right task bar a little planet thingy with a circly thing around it (a ring, I hear they're called). That's another webcounter thing, which provides exciting details about unique hits and searches resulting in this site. Becuase one can never have enough random statistics.

So yeah, leaving Bath in a few days time, and in celebration I will probably getting drunk once or twice. On a budget! I found £5 on the street the other day, which is surely a sign that I should buy more beer. Either that, or it was some kind of elaborate plot by the government to follow my every movement by planting a chip in the £5. Actually, while that wouldn't work, it would be deeply fun to do- follow the journey of the plucky note as it got spent all over the country: for beer, for food, for drugs, for the use in snorting drugs, until it is ripped up in a drug frenzy. Did you know that 90% of banknotes have cocaine traces on them? I didn't, and it's almost certainly not true, but it's fun to quote stupid urban legends and see how many people will repeat them afterwards. Most things, if said with sufficient authority, are believable. Provided your target is gullible enough, and considering that an amazingly large proportion of people still think that everyone swallows 8 spiders a year, that's probably everyone.

I wonder who could claim to be the longest remember human? By that, I mean someone who, if you mention their name people will go "oh them.". Jesus gets a good 2000 years to him (oh, I mean actual historically existing people here. And Jesus is, even if he was not the son of God), but then you've got to think of Egyptian kings- Tutenkahmun (if that's spelt correct I'll give myself a million pounds), who has probably got a thousand years or so on Jesus. In fact, he's probably our winner.... unless you count michocondrial eve, the woman who is the ancestor of us all (she got around). I think she dates back some serious time. Of course, if we start talking about species instead of humans, then the dinosaurs are sitting pretty, laughing at the saber toothed tiger they preceed by several million years. I love the idea of the sabre toothed tiger, which I think actually DID exist (I could check, but that would be smart), just because the word sabre is amusing to me. Also, animated versions of this critter made it look distinctly freakish, with a massive tooth sticking out like the kid who you just know is going to spend their childhood in braces.


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