Friday, December 16, 2005

Fun with tracking

It's fun to have a decent web tracker, so one can learn such things as "funny christmas stories" getting this site as the number 2 hit on msn search. Probably a tiny bit disappointing to the fellow in question, there are not that many funny christmas stories. Perhaps I should tell some to make the link more accurate.

Although I'm not sure I have any. Christmas, as many have noted, is a time for unique food. Unless you are from the USA (when you've got thanksgiving too, you lucky things), this is the time when turkey is eaten (a LOT of turkey), but, more importantly, the eternal brussel sprout, which appears to be endemically marked on christmas meals. I wonder if anyone knows why.

I do always enjoy the crackers, exploitation never having looked so tacky. The hats, uncomfortable, and normally to small to fit my head, the jokes, often with gramattical and/or spelling errors, and, of course, the toy. Sometimes you get those incredibly posh crackers in which you get occasionally useful things like bottle openers and.... actually I suspect that's it in terms of useful things that come out of crackers. Bottle openers. Whoop de do.

I'm worryingly using all my christmas material very early, which means come christmas itself I'll probably have reached Easter. I guess I'm beginning to emulate shops in my "old age"


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