Monday, October 17, 2005


Well, that was fun. A big ol' can of worms I opened up there! Hmm, I hope to have discussions similar to that about other issues (hey, we could get our war on iraq on!) but not right now. Time for some... well inane posting.

So Toby requests, so I write about... gypsies, old people and Paul.

Hmm. Gypsies. Well first of all, probably shouldn't call them gypsies any more. Nowadays its better to be politically correct and call them by their proper name, thieving gypsies. I kid, I kid. To be honest, my opinion on travellers is a bit limited. I imagine they don't actually pay much tax, other than VAT, so they don't really contribute to society at all, which is a shame, but hey, to be honest, much as hard working people like to get angry at them, thats only because they wish they had thought of it first. I have never met a traveller, or lived near a travelling community, so I really could not even venture to summon up a stereotype. My thoughts when you mention the word "gyspy" tend to involve curses and magic, which makes it sound a lot more cool than living in a caravan probably is. Still, don't knock it til you've tried it, eh?

Old people. To be fairly honest, I'm almost certain I've spoken about them more, and if I used one of this hip cool category blogs I could probably even find the particular post where I did so. As it is I will point out that old people are cool because almost all of them have lived through war of some kind, and you've gotta give anyone like that a modicum of respect. Unless they were war profiteers, of course, in which case the only option left to you is to beat them with sticks.

Finally, Paul. I assume you mean my other flatmate here, the 6 foot 8 fellow who can crush me like a fly. Ok, I've just made him sound like the thing or something. I do not live with the thing, and never had. In fact my interaction with marvel, or indeed any kind of comic book character has been deeply limited until now. Which I suppose is a pity. Perhaps I should paint Paul orange while he sleeps, and then pretend he is the thing while he beats me into the ground. Unless I do the thing they do in that James Bond film and suffocate him with paint. i'm not entirely sure thats possible, to be fully honest, but I'm willing to try.

K, I'm done.


At 12:31 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

haha thieving gypsies.
Bastards stole all my D&T work! or so I was told.

At 12:03 pm, Blogger Imperium child said...

I like the way you blogged about me without actually blogging about me. You kinda skirted the subject as if it would have caused you some amount of pain.... I.... hmmm


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