Thursday, October 27, 2005

National Drinking while writing day

Some of you may have heard of National Novel Writing month. For those of you who haven't, essentially during the month of november our budding authors are tasked to write a 100,000 word novel. There are various rules attached to that that sound too much like hard work for me. Still, a nice idea, and one I might do if I could be bothered.

However, I have just discovered the writing while drunk day. Now this is technically meant to be on November 5th, but I'm going to be away november 5th, so I will do it another day. And to make it more exciting (or incomprehensible), I think its gonna be fiction. So watch this spot.

Off to a party tonight, I think it might technically be a haloween party, but who knows? Or, indeed, cares? The point is there will be alchohol, which I shall consume. And there will be much rejoicing!


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