Wednesday, October 26, 2005

101 things you may well have not known about me

Hmm. I'm gonna write this. Lets see how long it takes me.

1)my favourite beer is hoegaarden
2)I think no alchohol really goes with meals other than wine
3)I consider myself a film buff- though I am aware there are many films I have yet to see
4)I hate talking on the phone to anyone except very close friends/relations
5)I am in love
6)I have only ever dated two women
7)The first album I ever bought was the Offsprings "Americana"
8)The first album I ever GOT was a Bruce Springsteen tape. I have no idea where it is
9)I am awful at cutting my toenails, so much so that I have suffered ingrown toenails which were entirely my fault.
10)I know I SHOULD brush my teeth twice a day, but often don't bother at night time
11)I'm very lazy
12)I pronounce words completely incorrectly on occasion
13)I hate internet speak
14)I have not file shared music since I was about 16
15)I used to have a fear of butterflies.
16)I lost my virginity aged 17
17)I had my first real kiss in the same year
18)I am 5 foot 11. I wish I was 6 foot.
19)I have only one pair of shoes. Well two, but one of them doesn't fit me, and I haven't worn it for about a year....
20)I am very messy. But I enjoy it
21)I have been a vegetarian for 10 months. The thing I miss the most is ceaser salad.
22)I can't spell caeser.
23)I am currently boycotting coca cola. But not very effectively.
24)My uncle created MUD
25)My first ever machine that I played games on was an Atari ST
26)I still rate some of the games from that as my favourites ever
27)I am VERY opinionated (actually, you probably knew that)
28)I use sure anti-perspirant
29)Despite my generally self defacing manner, I occasionally look in the mirror and think I look good.
30)I like myself
31)I don't truly hate anyone, although there are several people I dislike
32)I am RUBBISH at DIY
33)I snack on bread
34)I have an apple sticker collection on my wall back home....
35)My favourite board game is monopoly
36)I enjoy asking inane questions of my friends
37)I think Freud was talking nonsense
38)I HATE swede
39)If I had to live anywhere else in the world it would be Canada
40)I would like to visit Japan one day
41)I sweat... a ludicrous amount
42)There are certain songs I wish everyone could hear
43)While I am an atheist, I call upon God in moments of weakness
44)I can touch type, although not conventionally.
45)I read 40 different webcomics. Thats only checking for daily updates
46)I do not believe that the pope is a force for good.
47)I detest the Farelley brothers films. And all Adam Sandler films. Except maybe the wedding singer
48)I kind of enjoy most romantic comedies
49)I am a sucker for a happy ending
50)If I won the lottery I would buy a reasonable sized house, a car, buy some luxuries, and invest at least half of the winnings.
51)When I get into it, I actually really enjoy cleaning
52)I think saying "42" when asked the meaning of life is irritating and tired (and also incorrect. Its the answer to the life, the universe, and everything, not the meaning of life. As to what the question is? Who knows?)
53)I eat INCREDIBLY fast
54)I steal chips like a crazy thing
55)My favourite dessert is chocolate denver, a family recipe. Closely followed by summer pudding
56)The main reason I don't get my hair cut is usually laziness. It is rarely a style choice. Also, I don't like talking to hairdressers
57)I detest public transport. Especially buses
58)Having said that, I'm vaguely fond of the london underground, despite a fear of it when younger.
59)I have a dislike for authority when it is not backed by what I perceive as intellect
60)I give great respect to those of large intellect (heh, that ryhmes)
61)I think some American lawmaking is freaking insane
62)I have a great respect for the set up of the American system, except for their method for choosing presidents
63)I think the set up of UK politics is awful
64)My favourite system to vote for people is Germany's.
65)I love the Eurovision song contest
66)I Like the idea of the EU, but find the way its carried out currenly unacceptable
67)I actually think capatilism is generally a good idea
68)I can't spell capitalism
69)I noticed the number for this question and smiled
70)While I am usually convinced I am right, I have been known to change my opinion
71)I enjoy discussing issues with intelligent people who completely disagree with me
72)I almost always play games on either normal or easy. Never hard
73) I have an IQ between 130-140, depending which internet test you wish to believe.
74)I don't believe anyone has free will.
75)I do NOT believe in fate. Those two things do not necessarily contradict each other.
76)I find it difficult to remain serious in conversation
77)I would love to have a book published
78)I have never finished a book I have started to write
79)I do not believe in the supernatural, the psychics, the mediums, etc, and dislike the obvious frauds amoungst them
80)I think most conspiracy theorists are idiots who are incapable of applying basic logic
81)This goes double for creationists who think there is scientific evidence for their beliefs
82)I like to make house of cards out of beer cans.
83)My favourite joke is the "fingers and the lips" joke.
84)I think most things are interesting if you know enough about them
85)I still get spots appear in various regions of my body
86)I wore braces for 3 years when I was younger
87)When younger I was heavily asthmatic. Now it barely ever bothers me
88)When younger I had a serious lisp. I had speech therapy when I was about 15 to remove most of the traces of it
89)I am willing to try a lot of things that people recommend me.
90)There are some things I never will. These include: bungee jumping, parachuting/gliding, boxing, eating brains/eyes (well, I'm a vegetarian anyway..), public nudity. Incidentally, not all of these HAVE been recommended to me.
91)I love swimming, but rarely do it.
92)I cannot recite pi beyond a couple of decimal points. I am not even remotely impressed by those who can.
93)I find it very difficult to stay angry for very long. I am aware people use this to their advantage.
94)In my opinion the funniest film ever is Airplane
95)I need a lot of sleep. I rarely get that
96)I think homeopathic medicine is a joke
97)If I am not very good at something I will usually deliberately avoid it
98)I actually enjoyed the first season of Big Brother
99)I don't believe in the concept of "true love" or a "soul mate"
100)I do believe in love.
101)I'm actually sometimes very optimistic.


At 3:39 am, Blogger Copernicus Now said...

I was with you until you said you "actually enjoyed the first season of Big Brother".

Now of course I must be your arch-enemy.

Just kidding.

It's funny that when I read these things, it just makes me want to know more.

What is it about Canada that makes it your number 2 place to live?

At 1:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next task: 101 things we did know about yourself.

At 12:06 pm, Blogger Imperium child said...

Intersting K.


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