Monday, October 24, 2005

Stupid stupid stupid

I suck without sleep. Unfortunately a lot of people's sympathy vanishes when they learn I didn't get to sleep til late cause Alice was staying. But, you know, I had to get up early to see her off! Then the train was late. The station near where I live is one of those tiny ones in which trains rarely stop, usually deserted. It seems trains are always late to arrive there, which is a unique talent; one can only guess that train drivers realise where they are headed and slow down deliberately.

Then on the bus there was some idiot with an ipod (I know a lot of my friends have these, so I can't go on too much, but I hate ipods. I'm probably just being a luddite. Actually, I KNOW I am being a luddite. Heh), who kept leaning on the damn "stop" button. The bus was too packed for me to alert him, and it took a surprising amount of time for anyone to get his attention.

Heh, to be honest any particular thing is bearable, its just I had 3 hours of sleep, and my brain essentially switches off. Why am I not in bed, you might ask? Thats a VERY good question.


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