Thursday, January 09, 2014

Fun with washing machines

I returned home today to discover the heating was off. Moving into the kitchen I saw the boiler was completely off. Surprised, I checked the lights, and confirmed that, indeed, the circuit breaker had gone off. Switching it back, and being thankful that I had got home relatively soon after Alice had gone out, the washing machine came on. Which draw my attention to it.

The front of our washing machine had... melted. 

Clearly the motor or something has burnt out, and our washing machine broke, but not before melting the plastic at the front, and soaking the clothes in the machine in boiling water, which caused one of the outfits to leak red dye over all the other clothes. The machine is now full of water that the plumber will be coming round to fix tomorrow. Funnily enough, we had been discussing getting a new machine, so I suppose this is a call to action.

Not.. the best start to 2014 so far really.

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