Sunday, January 05, 2014

End of the holiday

So my three weeks are at an end. Finally going to have to do that ironing I've left off until today, and get ready to go to work. This has probably been the longest consecutive break I've taken in years. During my PhD I only took time off very reluctantly, and even now I've joined the ONS, old habits die hard.

I was helped by having paternity leave to take, as three weeks is a lot of leave to take all at once, especially, if, like me, you like to have the occasional long weekend throughout the year to break things up a little. Its been a good holiday all in all, the hectic nature of Christmas offset by time to rest and recover either side. Its also been lots of fun to have time to play with Rowan during the day.

All things must end, as I imagine several famous people have said, so time to get back into it.

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