Wednesday, January 01, 2014


So, 2013. A busy year, with the biggest event being my becoming a father. Its something I've always wanted, and its brought me a huge amount of joy and exhaustion.

People ask me whether being a dad is as I expected it to be. My honest answer is that I didn't really have expectations. I have ideas of what the future might be, but life is so unpredictable and weird that I find its best to just see what's coming, rather than deciding what it will be like. This attitude has its benefits and its disadvantages. It makes me more relaxed when things go a bit wrong, but does mean I can be surprised by things I haven't planned for.

I don't think I could quite imagine the surge of emotions I get when my son smiles up at me when I'm singing to him, or telling him a story about Bernard the dog's thrilling adventures. Nor could I imagine the utter devastation and heartbreak that can be caused when he wails at me.  I know none of this is new, because nothing on this earth is, but its all new for me, and thats really what matters.

New years resolutions? I didn't really have any last year (well I had a secret one, which was to have a child, but I couldn't tell anyone that one), so my main one is to write more. I've had blog posts in mind, which I haven't got round to writing. Its not like my time is exactly free now, but I am going to try to make an effort to write more. Its a good exercise for me, and its hopefully entertaining for everyone else.

Happy new year everyone, lets hope its a great 2014 for everyone out there.

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