Friday, January 03, 2014

Rain, rain go away

Urgh, rain. I'm never its biggest fan at the best of times. I started working at the ONS at about the same time in 2012 it begun to rain for about a month straight. At this point I did not own a car, and the bus service from the station is poor and inconsistent. As a result, I had a 45 minute walk to and then from work every day in the rain. I did wear waterproof trousers and a raincoat, and carried an umbrella, and had my podcasts to entertain me, but it was still very tedious.

To add to that our flat, wonderful in many ways, is old and leaks. One of the windows leaks in a deeply inconvenient manner, at the top of the frame, so that it is basically impossible to catch the drips with anything other than a large quantity of towels. In addition, a part of the roof has started to drip when the rain gets really heavy. At least this one can be caught with a bucket!

I suppose its an important part of living, to stay in a place with a leaky roof: its a sitcom staple after all, and if you haven't had every single sitcom staple happen to you before you die, you haven't lived.


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At work the other day I overheard someone explaining to someone else (both mid 30s) about this sitcom they'd seen that was quite good, and as they were describing it I realised they were on about FRIENDS. How is it possible to have never heard of it before?!!!

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