Monday, January 06, 2014

Misadventures at work

So up I get at 5:45, ready to head off to work. I go through my essential morning ritual of toast, tea and shower and head out into the pouring rain, getting farily damp on my way to the car. I drive, essentially in the dark, and arrive at the unlit overflow car park, hardly able to see the parking spaces.

I go up to my office, turn on my computer, wait for it to load, open my email, wait for that to load, and start browsing through the inevitable back log. At which point I come across an email about a training course. A training course I had booked three weeks ago. That was today. In London. Shit.

So, at 7:35 I rush out of the office, into the pouring rain, and drive into heavy traffic, the benefit of which meaning it comes to a complete stop, allowing me to call Alice on speaker, and get her to find money enough to pay for a taxi to take me to the station.

All in all, I actually got to the training course only an hour late, not having missed too much. Still. Not the best start to the new year at work.



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