Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yada yada, britian is pathetic, yada yada....

Apparently Canada is better at dealing with incredibly snow conditions than we are. Huh. Who knew? I guess they're just a better country, seeing as they have the same weather as us.... oh wait, they don't. So Britain gets unprecedented amounts of snow and ice, and finds it difficult to cope. Why is this a surprise? We could be ready for the snow, of course, and found essential services that we use all the time suffering because of budget cuts.

As always, it comes down to money. If we want to be prepared against unlikely emergencies then we need to be happy with the amount of money that will cost. When a few years have passed, and the extremely rare event has not occured, we might be more inclined to push that money in the direction of something more essential. Bear in mind that when the conservatives talk about making the budget more efficienct, this kind of stuff is exactly what they are talking about. You can't have lean governments that can deal with every emergency.

Its fun to mock our country, and there are things I do get frustated about- our trains are just worse than other nations, for one example. But inability to cope with a large amount of snow? Not that surprising.

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