Monday, January 04, 2010

Three legged pub crawls

I get gimmicks. Golf crawls, sure, although I'd never subject myself to one. I have been on a toga crawl, (although wearing clothing underneath), and enjoyed myself. Silly frappery to add to the pure joy of pub crawlery is understandable. I appreciate drinking games, as, done right, they can be a whole load of fun that add to the experience. Done wrong they can be tantamount to bullying, of course, and that must be avoided.

What I do not understand is the notion of a three legged pub crawl. The most tedious part of a pub crawl is usually the transition from one pub to the next, with that treacherous enemy, the bladder, causing much consternation. I cannot imagine wanting to travel more slowly. I am also a fan of not having serious injuries, and three legged pub crawls seem designed to create such a thing. I suppose one has the advantage of a partner who will look after you if things go the worst, but really you should only be crawling in a reasonable group anyway. Can anyone enlighten me on such a strange phenomenon? I am aware of the concept of drunken escalation, and it will only be so long until some idiot decides that a 5 legged crawl is a bloody brilliant idea.



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