Monday, December 14, 2009

Moving house

So we moved house this weekend, from shiny flat to worn flat, from expensive flat to cheaper flat, from terrible shower to amazing shower. I'm willing to forgive our new flat a lot of ills (including INSECTS IN THE FRIDGE) thanks to the lovely shower, in which I can finally cover myself in water, rather than desperately pray for the morsels of water that the old shower used to dribble out.

The moving went rather well, thanks to the able assistance of several friends, apart from an unfortunate moment when we discovered that our able van driver's car had been clamped. Oh well, I had set aside 100 pounds for damage to the van, and instead spent it on a declamping.

The old flat is now clean and splendid, and all that is needed is to empty the million boxes sitting in our new flat. Incidentally, for anyone ever thinking of moving in December... for the love of god, don't do it!



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