Wednesday, January 06, 2010


So xkcd wrote an amusing comic about this article. Some researchers determined that the G-spot might not exist. Their proof? They asked some women whether they thought they had one. They expected identical twins to say yes, but this didn't happen....

Sigh. So they asked some people whether they had an elusive sexual feature, and if they said no, assumed they were necessarily correct? As responses within the article indicate, many may simply have not had a sexual experience which allowed them to reach such a spot. 56% of women surveyed said they had one, and there was no genetic link. The abstract does suggest that it could be that the other women simply haven't found it, but then postulates that its really because it does not exist.

Sadly I do not have access to the article in question- at least online. I have no idea if my library carries the journal or not. Apparently the women in question filled in a thorough questionnaire. If I am correct that those women who said they did not have one may not have found it in some cases there should be a difference in the sexual behaviours of the two groups. Sadly without access to the survey I can proceed no further, but the claims this paper make are interesting. Universities do love a good press relief after all, and its much less impressive to say "study shows some women cannot find their g-spot, but is unable to show whether this means it is there or not".

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