Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Up in the Air

This is definitely a film worth seeing. Jason Reitman has put out three magnificent films with Thank you For Smoking, Juno and now this. Its very funny, certainly but the emotional undercurrents are more than a little astounding. I had expected a traditional narrative structure to this film, and felt a little disconcerted when the film continued to defy it. These characters are humans, not hollywood characters as you might expect at the start. There is not necessarily going to be an easy change of heart that will make the character happy.

Its a film that warrants repeat viewing, I suspect. I was so disconcerted by the ending that I think I need to watch again to decide how I feel about it. It wasn't where I felt the story was going, and some of the ending scenes felt a little rushed- the story shuddered a little towards an ending. Its experimental, and its interesting, and needs to be watched again.

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