Monday, January 18, 2010

Physical compliments

I'm sure they think they're being nice. After all, they paid some lady on the internet a compliment. Everyone likes to be complimented after all. I mean, yes, they chose to do it in a you tube comment thread, but so what? Shouldn't such an act be rewarded? Well what was the woman doing in the video in question? Was she modelling? Was she expressing a deep quandry about her looks? Was she exerting her physical attributes?

Or was she singing? Or saying something funny? Then ideally the compliments should be about those attributes. Imagine doing such a thing to a man, or a woman feeling the need to do such a thing? What you are paying is not a compliment, but a veiled insult. By ignoring the attribute the woman is trying to display and focusing only on their looks, you are reducing them to just that, something to look at.

I'm not saying that women can't be contributed on their looks. Of course they can, and as I say, if done correctly I imagine it may even please them. But it should not be the first thing one should go for, and when a comment thread to an excellent and amusing song has nothing but people commenting on how hot the women in question are, then it just underlines their lack of respect for the women in question.



At 1:12 pm, Anonymous Anthony said...

Sex with ducks?

At 10:03 am, Blogger Mr K said...

Indeed. Indeed.


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