Friday, January 15, 2010

Top Gear

I think what always bothers me about Top Gear was it was never that good. I have enjoyed watching it, for sure- the stunts, the challenges, tpically were amusing and interesting enough to make for decent tv. I never thought of it as amazing though.

All three, but especially Clarkson, would spout ignorant nonsense on politics and science, and assume that was funny. In many ways Clarkson's attitudes represent all I despise, so the less I have to hear his opinions the better. The interviews were often embarrasing, but interviews often are. Clarkson was probably a little better than Jonathon Ross, but seeing as he is the worst interviewer there is thats not terribly surprising.

The car reviews are typically very dull. Watch a review of one fast car. Then watch another. Spot the difference. Typically, it will start by the car driving very quickly, and Clarkson making a sexual metaphor. This will go on for several minutes as he spouts nonsense figures, until he gets to the "bad part". Typically this will be about the cars not cornering well, and that the dashboard looks a bit rubbish.

I have to believe that most viewers are not interested in this. These reviews have no practical advantage to most people, as they cannot afford these cars, and even if they could, they couldn't actually use the car for what the top gear people want it for. Whenever top gear reviews a car that actual human beings might use, they make a joke of it.

Recently my disdain for the show has got a little worse. A lot of the things that happen are so obviously set up and scripted it drains the humour, the caravan being a notable example. I'm tired of top gear, but I was never that happy with it.

Are there things to like in this show? Yes, at its best it can be an amusing an affable show about 3 man childs expressing their love for their hobby and getting on each others nerves. Thats great, but a flag ship off television? Ludicrous popularity? People wanting to elect Clarkson? Just disturbing...

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