Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stephen Fry for prime minister

Are you kidding me? People of Britain, are you really kidding me? Do you really think government is that easy? That making those tough choices, and having the guts to enforce them, comes naturally? That the politicans we have are really all souless? Ruling the country is a tough job, one of the toughest, and requires more than being generally witty and rather smart. Stephen Fry is an excellent man, perhaps even a national treasure if you want to use those embarrasing words, but he is not fit for ruling this country. Do most of you even know his politics? I imagine you wouldn't agree with them- I imagine I wouldn't.

Do you know his history? Because I think if we knew Gordon Brown spent his youth stealing, got into Cambridge basically on the word of his priveleged mother, and was shown to be a manic depressive, I'm guessing some people would suggest he was not fit for rule. I am by no means suggesting these things make Stephen Fry terrible. Clearly not, but they make him a flawed man, as we all are. He is not a paragon of justice, simply because he's funny and hosts QI, he is a decent human being, certainly, but that is not all you need to rule the country.

Look at Gordon Brown. The man did well as our chancellor (yes, technically he led us into a recession, but considering our political system seems to be set up to do that, its not greatly surprising), and seemed to be a masterful politician. Yet being the prime minister has destroyed him. He has been unable to govern, unable to think clearly, unable to spin stories. He has made policy mistake after policy mistake which has allowed the press to tear him to pieces. Do you believe Stephen Fry is different? That when he makes a choice that is controversial, he will not be attacked? That he will be able to spin the press, keep his back benches in line, hold his cabinet stead fast against the baying media wolves?

No. Please don't indulge in ludicrous fantasy, its damaging to democracy and your credibility. And don't even get me started on people who want Jeremy bloody Clarkson...

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