Monday, November 09, 2009


Moon was one of two films I watched in full on a plane to America. Plane films are always interesting experiences. You are uncomfortable, distracted, and the screen tends to be rather tiny. All in all, it doesn't make for a cinematic experience. Like Adaption, another film I saw on a plane (and utterly failed to follow), Moon is not really the perfect film for this experience. It is a wholly depressing film, a pondering on existence and the meaning of self, that has no easy answers.

Following a character on a lonely mission mining the moon, certain... strange events happen. The film is deliberately baffling initially, but soon makes sense. The explanation is mundane for science fiction, but is central to the story, and is vitally important. As such I shan't be giving it away- the film really is something to experience yourself. It is a high recommendation that despite the unfilmic experience I had watching this film, it is clearly great. It is a film about ideas, and completely unafraid of that. It doesn't feel the need to throw in larger than life scenes, and is happy to just tell a story. As such it feels like something a little rarer these days, and reminds me of film making from the 70s.

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