Friday, October 16, 2009

In America

Ah, theres nothing like a 23 hour journey to make your heart sing with joy. It wasn't too bad, although the 5 hour wait in the airport was not great. I managed to eat some nice American cuisine (grilled sandwich and chips!), and discovered that if flying United, I should not say that I'm a vegetarian. I was given a "special" meal, which consisted of soggy spinach, nasty eggs, mushrooms and a pitiful tomato. Everyone else got eggs, bacon, waffles, fruit and a bun. Bah.

I watched Moon on the plane, which, other than being a bit depressing, really wasn't a great film to see on a plane. I'm not sure there are too many which are suited to that unique medium. I am now in my fairly pleasant hotel room, in the rather unexciting state of Missouri. I'm not certain, but this may be the least interesting state in the world...



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