Monday, October 05, 2009

You better watch out because I'm going to say fuck

I enjoy a good bout of swearing. There's nothing like an expletive to punctuate an important point, and certainly when I've had too much to drink you'll find me practically incapable of not swearing. That said, I do think theres a time and a place. While punctuating your points with swear words works, punctuating your sentence with them sucks them of meaning. Perhaps for you that swear word has lost all its meaning, but it hasn't for everyone else, so it sounds like you are ridiculously emphatic about your stupid point.

It can also lack professionalism- I read interviews in Empire with actors who cannot help swearing every sentence, and it just makes them sound kind of pathetic. I'm not opposed to actors swearing, of course I'm not, but you're trying to sell a product, so if its time to swear, make it actually count.

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