Thursday, October 01, 2009

Incompetence and foolishness

Once again I braved the library archives today. While papers from this decade are mostly online, for older ones you need to do some photocopying. I had a serious load to do.

I made my usual mistake of going to Q instead of Per Q, smiled at myself, and headed to the correct section, where I succesfully found the Canadian Journal of Chemical engineers. Next was the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. I went off, found the correct letter, and looked.

It wasn't there. The American institute of Electrical Engineers was, but that wouldn't help me. Baffled, I decided to find the other journals I needed first then look into it. I thought about it, looked around, wondered aimlessly for a while, checked the reference, but could not figure it out. Admitting defeat, I went to the help desk on the third floor and asked.

She took the reference and entered it in, and asked if I had looked under American. I replied in the affirmative, and she pointed out that the journal's listing was in fact its initials, AICE... Sigh. Worse yet, the journals were about a foot yet from where I had been searching fruitlessly....

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