Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lift use

Working in an office on the 9th floor of an asbestos infested building, there is one thing that bothers me: Lift use. I have to admit that despite initial bold plans to climb all the stairs every day, I do end up taking the lift. However, I always take the stairs down. Thats the easy part, and it's extremely annoying to watch lifts head in the wrong direction all the time thanks to people (including the security staff) taking the lift down one flight of stairs.

As of such, here are my lift rules (note, these exclude people who have physical disabilities, infirmity, pregnancy.... any strong reason to avoid lots of physical effort)

1-Thou Shalt only ride the lift up.
2-Thou shalt only use the lift when you need to go up 3 or more floors
3-All undergraduates shall be confined to the staircase, which is their proper fate


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