Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back, and posting again

How long for, I am not certain, as I often make grand claims about my return to the internet, only for them to be dashed on the rocks of not actually being that bothered. Still, I went to Paris only 3 weeks ago, and intended to write a blog then, and there is no time like the present.

Alice has already written a rather marvelous blog under my name on the family blog, so I shall point you in that direction rather than try to recreate its majesty, although there were several photos we took which were not there. Rather, I shall attempt a rant, which I always enjoy, about tourists, and respect.

Having been to Paris before, I was well aware of the propensity for the tourists there to disobey the rules. The Louvre is full of people using flash photography, such a crime being punishable with death in the UK (or so I like to imagine). Part of the problem there stems from a lack of enforcement, whether from a lack of caring or a show of exasperation.

Still, I found it taken much to far at Notre Dame. Very kindly, the massive cathedral invites you into it, no matter your faith, even during their services. They ask merely that you take no photos, and keep silent. Simple rules, one might think? Not for the vast majority of the tourists, who fragrantly ignored these rules, many pulling out video cameras and following bishops around the room. It was sickening.

Regardless of your beliefs, you are a guest in this place, you haven't even been charged money, and yet you treat its few rules with scorn? Its rude, its spiteful, and it should not happen.



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