Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The game Baldur's Gate 2 (and probably it's prequel, but I never got that far into it for some reason), loves trapping things. Every time you step into a dungeon, there are millions upon millions of traps, often placed almost directly under the feet of the hordes of minions that inhabit the tomb. I do wonder how exactly all these many minions get any food, as the moment they attempt to leave their lovely dungeon they would get attacked by arrays of spells arrows and quality explosives. I can only assume there is some secret sign that I am unaware of.

This addiction to traps means that sometimes quite lame amounts of treasure will be protected. A chest with a few coins on it will have a disintegrate spell attached to it (which does what it says on the tin), which seems somewhat overkill, and you really would not want to forget that you had left that one set on. There are also the occasional traps which don't even hurt the person who sets them off, but causes them mild inconvinience. For example, in some dungeons there will be spells of hold person, which again do exactly what they say on the tin, but the issue is is that they don't set any kind of alarm off and only last for a limited time. So the sum effect is really negligible. I suppose if one was chasing the intrepid hero it would be useful, but the point of traps is surely that you don't need to be there at the time for them to be effective.

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