Friday, May 09, 2008

Dark Heresy Session 7


The party had succesfully obtained an invite to the pit fight, but had no real plan as to what to do next. Deciding to play it by ear, they turned up to an abandoned warehouse on the edge of the city, where the party was searched for weapons. Describing his gun as an "entertainment stick" (that still makes me laugh even now...), Nicodemus managed to give a hefty enough bribe to bring his weapon in- the rest managed to smuggle in a few knives as well.

The fight produced little productive apart from visceral entertainment- while men and wolves fought, there was no sign of the eldar. However, it was mentioned that those with special passes could come talk to the bookie. Bluffing his way through, Nicodemus managed to obtain a special pass, leading to a big exciting fight the next day, on level 5, one of the noble controlled levels.

On leaving, they heard someone being attacked in an alley way. Looking in revealed two guards beating the hell out of a very much down and out of his luck guy. Seeing them approach, an enforcer told them to back off. Nicodemus did not do so, and instead paid off the mans debts. Confused, the enforcers wondered off. Nicodemus then took the suddenly fortunate unfortunate, who was rather grateful, and pumped him for information, revealing that there definitely was an alien fighting, and that there was a fair amount of guards. He also described a sonic effect that the eldar used, and the party decided to guard against it.

Turning up the next day revealed a huge Colosseum, where once again the party were searched for weapons. This time they had bought up a large quantity of grenades, and attempted to conceal them in a bag. Despite a rather poor distraction, the searchers did not notice most of the grenades.

Wondering around the large waiting area, the party discovered some locked rooms, and also Lek stumbled across a loud drunken man at the bar. Further investigation revealed he had something to do with the back room.. a plan was hatched to follow him, and despite three of the party sneaking behind, the bodyguard assigned to the drunk failed to notice them.

Slipping into the bathroom, Barak slipped a hallucinagen grenade into the toilet, and quickly exited. This had the desired effect, and soon they were able to slip in and grab the keys without being noticed. As they made it for the door, however, they heard the guard begin to regain his senses, and swiftly killed him. Standing around discussing this, and intimidating the crap out of the drunk, led to a noble wondering in on the scence, but he was also persuaded to be kept quiet....

Swiftly the party headed down to the staging area, and, after a brief discussion, burst through and attacked, with ear plugs firmly in place. This led to a full up brawl, but while the guards did some damage (and set off an alarm), the party prevailed.

As the alarm had gone off, Lek, who had remained upstairs thanks to a constant tail of enforcers, bore witness to members of the redemption starting a full on war inside the building, causing a mass stampede.

The party then quickly decided to kill the eldar. Killing the stasis field, they opened fire. Not being able to hear it attempt to converse with them, they ignored it and continued shooting. In frustation the eldar desperately found strength enough to cut through the bars in front of it, but it was not enough. The unending fusilade ended it's life, an unglamorous death.

Grabbing the eldar, the party loaded it into the truck, and drove for freedom. They attempted to pick up Lek by bursting through the front door, but utterly failed, and decided to leave him to his fate. Bursting through a gate at high speed, and managing to lose any pursuit, they high tailed it for freedom.

Meanwhile, Lek, surrounded by chaos and death, decided it was best to make a run for it, and leapt out of the window, joining the crowds of fleeing nobles.


An enjoyable session, certainly. My favourite part was probably when Nick decided to investigate the guy getting beaten up. I had included that purely for flavour, and had not planned an encounter, but managed to deal with it fairly well, and the party got some useful informaton out of it. There was one point where I needed the party to get a special invite, but because they were mostly sticking in the background, assuming that the eldar was going to appear at the first fight, they did not make enough of themselves.

The route chosen for victory was a reasonable one, although they could have been somewhat more subtle, following the guy to the toilet and getting keys was the plan I thought they might follow. If they had failed to come up with any ideas, the redemptionists would have set everything alight, and that would have counted as a distraction. Of course, this would have made things harder for them.

I was amused by the ear plugs shutting out all sound. It meant the party didn't hear the fighting, and also didn't hear the eldar, who would have asked them to kill it, seeing as it's life was hardly worth anything anymore. Sadly the eldar did not get a great deal of dignity in death, but never mind.....

I now have to plan for the conclusion of the campaign. I know pretty much what is going to happen, theres just a couple of events currently muddled in my head I have to sort out....

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