Friday, May 02, 2008

Dark Heresy-Session 6

(This brings me up to date, so these posts will become less frequent! They have been somewhat self indulgent admittedly, but what the hell- my blog is surely for self indulgence...)


Having retrieved the chalk, although not being able to find where exactly the rest of it and those who had taken it had gone to. Marr seemed fairly happy, although he was somewhat disappointed to discover that the two men that were killed had apparently been vaporised in the explosion, as no-one had the fore thought to drag them out....

Marr then gave the party their next mission- a wealthy collector named Lord Yarl had a bone of Saint Drusus, and Marr wanted it. Unfortunately, so did a lot of other people, and rather than directly conflict with them, he sent the party and a card with a lot of credit on it with them.

Visiting Lord Yarl, he made it clear that money was not enough- instead he wanted Lady Tabitha's aspect warrior. Rather mystified by these words, the party headed back and conducted some research, revealing that Lady Tabitha was the head of the gambling rings on level 6, including some not so legal pit fights. An aspect warrior was apparently an Eldar fighter of some kind- a dangerous alien.

Nicodemus (who was played by Mike for this session, Nick being ill), came up with a simple plan of making some rather large bets to attract the attention of the bookies, and thus get themselves an invite to the next pit fight. This plan worked fairly flawlessly, although the psyker and tech priest were treated with some suspicion, they seemed to fall for the act of decedance, and gave an invite to tomorrow's fight. Taking it, the party then headed back to a plush hotel to spend the night.


This session went well. I had decided that I wanted to have more roleplaying based sessions, as I find those more fun generally speaking, although variety is of course the spice of life. I was unsure exactly how long this adventure would take, it depending on the party's plans and methods, and this session went somewhat slowly, thanks to waiting for Mike to replace Nick, and then some general disorder that happened for quite a while.

Still, the party latched on to what I feel is a decent plan fairly quickly- there were several other solutions they could have tried, and still could, and I was willing for anything that sounded plausible to be used, roleplayed right. As it was, few missteps were taken, and the party progressed.

I think the next campaign I run may well be more focused on this kind of style, although I don't mind the occasional big brawl of course, but roleplaying shouldn't just be about that. Combat should be the last resort ideally, although it depends on the situation.

I'd managed to put in more planning for this session, so there was little the players wanted to do that threw me, which was good.

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