Sunday, April 20, 2008

ten pence tax rate

There has been quite a hurrah about the ten pence tax rate recently. Basically, it will hurt the least well off and benefit the well off, a most regressive of moves from a labour governments. This has caused great concern and anger across the back benches at a time the party can ill afford it, with the local elections approaching. I cannot see Labour doing anything other than awfully this May.

The weird thing is, according to a report on the bbc I watched, not understanding the economics of the situation, that people who suffer the most are going to lose... 70 pounds or so a year. Thats right. 70 pounds. Can this really be true? Can Labour really be utterly destroying itself over 20 pounds itself? I'm all for progressive taxation, but of all the places to draw a line in the sand, is this really it? Not id cards or the 42 prison extension, but 70 pounds a year? There has been talk about packages to protect those worst hit by this... is anyone going to get THAT badly hit?

I assume that there is a larger amount affecting some people because it seems absurd to destroy your parties electoral chances over this if it truly is that minor....

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At 10:03 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

Can I reiterate that I hate this government and especially Gordon Brown?
He's like Tony Blair minus the charisma.


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