Thursday, April 17, 2008

Critical Hit

Yesterday I stepped outside to attend a compulsary lecture on statistical consulting. I stepped forward... and fell through a drain cover. Unsurprisingly I cried out in pain rather loudly, drawing the attention of two people on the street at the time (but no-one indoors... I was hardly quiet!), who hurried over as I pulled myself out. The moments are somewhat of a blur, but I believe only one leg actually went into the drain itself. It was all a bit confusing. One minute I was walking down the street and the next I was in extreme pain and half way down a drain.

Pulling myself out, I discovered that my leg could at least support me (as I jumped about shouting fuck repeatedly), and there was no obvious injury, and went inside to sit down, where I had the full shot of adrenaline my body had pumped in to me kick in. Adrenaline is a very strange thing- it got me to deal with the crisis at hand very easily, got me indoors, and then basically left me inactive for ten minutes, unable to think or do anything as I tried to get it together again. I have never suffered a panic attack before, but I imagine that is what they must be like. Of course mine was inspired by the top of my thigh falling very quickly into the ground/drain cover, and not psychological...

Once I had managed to get a bit of a grip, examination showed a slightly unpleasent cut and some scratches, but nothing majorly serious. I decided to pop to the doctors, which was just round the corner, and I figured I could limp there easily. Of course, they didn't have any doctors or nurses there, which meant I had to get on a bus to a walk in centre, which was somewhat frustrating, but I made my way there, where a nurse dressed the wound and told me what I pretty much already knew- that I was pretty much fine.

Still, I felt it was best to check, and headed back. I was, at this point, an hour and a half late for the lecture, but seeing as it was rather important and also three hours long, I thought it was worth going to.

So I managed to limp my way to the maths building, only to find the room it was meant to be in deserted. Sigh. A check of my emails revealed a room swap and that the session was only lasting until 4. It was quarter to three. Double sigh. Still, I decided to attend, if only to get any hand outs. There was one, but as it had been a mostly practical roleplaying session, my last minute attendance really didn't help that much!

Never mind, I appear to have recovered pretty well now, and am feeling far more chipper. I have also called someone to fix that sodding drain cover as well...



At 12:28 pm, Blogger Hilarious Catastrophes said...

It concerns me that there was no nurse or doctor at the DOCTORS SURGERY! There is something weird going on!


At 10:01 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

Did somebody say lawsuit! Claims direct to the rescue.
That must have been quite a shock - perhaps in future you'll learn to shuffle and stare directly at your feet while walking.


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