Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Weekend wonderland

That title is meaningless, but fun. I have had a fairly busy few days, taking some time off to travel to London so see family, and, more importantly, the Doctor Who exhibition. This was fun, but was spoilt by there being goddamn children everywhere! I wanted to play on the dalek voice changer, but nooooo. Stupid kids. You'd think the exhibit was designed specifically for them.

We also went on monday for a walk in the new forest, and got rather muddy, as while the sun has come out, the ground has not dried completely yet. Or at all in many places. About half way through the walk, already fairly mud covered, the walk guide mentioned the section we were coming to "gets very muddy". This was a cause of worriment....

Also, yesterday I gave my very first statistical consultancy, which written like that sounds like a childrens product. After various training videos where the client was a nervous flower, our client basically spoke at us and we interposed the occasional question. Admittedly we had planned for that to happen, but it sort of occured without any prompting. Still, we got the information we needed, even if I'm not entirely sure how to interpret the data, seeing as I haven't done the relevant module!



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