Friday, June 20, 2008

Dark Heresy-Lifeblood preserves session 1

So it's a new campaign, and all new fun. As always, I'm going to summarize the events of the session and then reflect.


The party were recruited by the rather hideous Globus Vaarak, who sent them to the lovely planet of Iocanthos. There they got to experience imperial bureaucracy at first hand, as they attempted to investigate two bodies who had been found drained of blood. Making contact with the owner of the hotel they were staying at (Venerate the Immortal Emperor, for without him we are lost), they managed to (easily) elicit the knowledge that apparently a space marine was staying in the penthouse, something that the party considered somewhat unlikely.

Going to the administration counting house they encountered even more bureaucracy, which led them to a search for their contact taking several hours. Finally finding him, he pointed them in the direction of where the bodies were found, and also where they were now.

The party split in two, half heading to investigate where the bodies were found, and the others headed to the alms house. Observing the bodies discovered they had been bitten and drained of blood, and also a mysterious symbol.....

The other half of the party spent an extremely long time in the Blind Pig, considering that was NOT where the disappearance was, as they attempted to get comms equipment, first from the bartender, and second from a shady gentleman in the corner.

Finally Trantor went to see if the gentleman in the penthouse suite truly was a space marine. Indeed it seemed that he was, and a blood angel at that. What exactly he was doing half a galaxy away from his home world is not clear, of course....


An enjoyable enough session, with the players being amusingly diverted by an npc in the blind pig who did not have a massive amount to do with the plot, although Andy's suggestion of killing him for a bionic arm was a little bit disturbing....

The only real mistake I made was a rumour that the players should have heard while gathering them, and I kind of forgot it. It wasn't exactly vital, so meh. Otherwise it is proceeding well, and the pcs have yet to make some of the mistakes I thought they might... indeed they have, other than planning murder against several people, proved to be rather sensible thus far. We shall see if this continues.


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