Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Literature Review

Ah, the literature review, something I am in engaging in at this very second. Well clearly not this exact second, as I am typing this. In this modern, enlightened age, the need to go to the library and look through hundreds of journals has thankfully lessened thanks to the internet, so thus far I have not needed to deal with the university's nigh on incomprehensible filing system. Until today.

I needed an article which seemed perfect for my purposes. I leapt to work, and headed to the library, and then got lost amoungst millions of journals when I realised I did not understand the filing system. There were various categories, which, just to throw me off, were letters, leaving me to think there was some alphabetical order. Of course within each category the books WERE in alphabetical order, although initially I was rather confused how both ethics and physics got under Q (I still don't know why really, clearly these are very similar in topic). Having mastered this, I found the exact right journal, turned to the exact right page... to find nothing. The article I was looking for was not there, and indeed appears to be nowhere to be found. It being refered to in only one place online probably should have implied something, but never mind.... 45 minutes of my life I will never get back...

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