Saturday, October 25, 2008

Collective responisibility

Can politicians please stop saying that we all need to take responsibility for the current financial crisis! No we don't! I haven't taken or given unwise loans, I have nor received or given absurd bonuses, I have not speculated or hedge funded or any other buzz word that gets thrown around these days. I suspect that I am part of a majority of people who had very little do with the crisis, but will undoubtedly by affected by it. I suppose I didn't see it coming, but then neither did anyone trained in economics.. well anyone anyone was listening to, to listen to the news these days apparently there were several hundred people who saw this coming, modern day cassandras.

I suspect what politicians are doing when they say everyone needs to share blame is to ensure THEY don't get any. I'm not sharing blame on this one at all, because I'm not to sodding blame, and neither are most other people. Also, blaming someone for the financial crisis because they took a loan they couldn't repay is one of the most stupid reasons I have ever heard. I could be wrong, but shouldn't banks check that sort of thing?

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