Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So there are some new laws being passed that say you can't discriminate against people on sexuality. Apart from in a church, where you are allowed to do so. But apparently this isn't enough for the catholic church. See, they run adoption agencies, and, heaven forbid, they might have to give kids to.... same sex couples! So they want an exemption on this.

Sadly, I have a feeling the government will cave. I'm not entirely sure why exactly you get a green card to discriminate if you claim a belief in an entity in the sky, but apparently it's true- you can see how ridiculous this is by considering if a religon was asking to discriminate against black people- because God called them an abomination. It's immediate that that is offensive, although look far back and you will find priests arguing along those very lines. The thing is when you bring religon into an argument in discrimination, is it's a way of cheating. Yes, ok, homosexuality harms no-one, and appears to be a natural thing, but it says in the bible that it's wrong! Theres not much one can do to argue with that, other than it says in the bible that one is not allowed to eat shellfish and not wear nylon. In fact a browse through the old testament shows it to be quite a nasty piece of work, heavily misogynistic, racist, and homophobic. There are some great messages in the bible, there really are, but to use the literal text as a guide to your day to day life is quite mad.

Gay people are just that, people, and discrimination on grounds of who someone loves is disgusting.


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Fred using blogger, what is the world coming to?

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church people are just gay


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