Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monsters versus Aliens

I made a terrible mistake the other day. I foolishly suggested watching a non-pixar animated film. Now admittedly it was one that had come well recommended by certain critics, leading me to believe that it would be an enjoyable romp. Sigh....

Lets start with the animation. Apparently dreamworks haven't managed to work out how to animate humans yet, which is a pity as this film is full of them. Failing to hit any kind of style which might make looking at the humans tolerable, instead we are punched in the face with the uncanny valley, as we stare at the character's cold dead eyes.

The film itself is.. odd. I'm not entirely sure who the humour is meant to be pitched at. There is an extremely childish quality to most of the jokes, but often it is given in terms that would go over the head of anyone too young. There are rather blatant film references here, and while occasionally the jokes are clever, they usually go for the easiest gag, draining most situations of humour.

A disappointing film for a promising set up, I'm sure this will appeal to children, but I don't see how theres much for adults here at all.

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