Monday, November 16, 2009

Sigh ISS, just sigh...

So I have a laptop provided to me by the university, on which I do work, and... well, blogs, which is all well and good. Of course, thanks to ISS, our tech support, all is not well. I have all ready documented several failings of this laptop before, but the most recent one was quite impressive.

I disconnected from the university connection to work at home, at which point the laptop bleated at me that I had over used my profile space. I found this unlikely, as at the time I was connected to the internet, and my hard drive certainly was not full. This warning means you cannot log off, or even turn off your laptop. So I searched in vain for the offending files.

I finally solved the problem today. While I had tried to use windows search to find the directory I was looking for, the internet told me that apparently it was in my user profile space. Looking there, I still couldn't find the directory... so I made the hidden files visible, and was finally able to delete enough of the sodding things.

Ideally, if you are going to make someone have to watch how much data accrues in a folder, it might be a good idea not to make those files INVISIBLE.....

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