Friday, January 02, 2009

To battle, brain!

Apparently, I am only capable of once a month posts. As one of those listed below was called appalling by a former commenter, I clearly better increase my quantity or my quality to make up for it! And it's unlikely to be the latter, I'd better make more posts! In this spirit, I start the new year with a post only two days in.

A year engaged, and much has changed. I am now studying a PhD, living in a rather grander flat, and have developed super powers.

Now I have the joint stresses of planning for a rapidly approaching wedding, and a rapidly increasing in pressure phd... Yay? As I expected might happen, christmas was a time which involved very little work, seeing as I was busy seeing a whole bunch of people I had not seen in a very long time, a consequence of having very good friends in random geographical locations. This means, joyfully, that I get to work nice and hard over the next few days, puzzling over some extremely tough mathematical challenges. While I enjoyed the course I went on, and felt I learnt many things, apparently I did not pick up enough to slay the questions set me with my mind powers. Hopefully this will change tomorrow morning, when I begin again afresh.

An issue when you get stuck on a question is that often there isn't anywhere to go- if you cannot think of an avenue of approach which might yield a solution, it's quite difficult to find one. There are extremely large differences between doing and understanding a question, and it's often the latter that is the hardest, which was what I struggled with today. Still, I shall persevere, and possibly even succeed, given luck and searching on google for help....

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